Interview session with my therapist.. 

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Part 2


Interview session with my therapist..


Using the restroom in the perspective of a Transgendered person

Here is a little something that the people who are against Transgendered people using the restroom or locker room at any age don't understand. If someone identifies themselves as the opposite sex they are born as...they live the lifestyle as that gender as well...what would make it look normal to use the born gender's restroom/ locker room? You think it's easy every day waking up in the shoes and having to live that life in a so called "normal life?" If you see a woman going into a men's bathroom, aren't you going to give her dirty looks? If you see a man going into the woman's bathroom, aren't you going to give him dirty looks?! I'm not saying that all of a sudden overnight..anyone can go back and forth and use the restroom facility..I think if the individual, see's a therapist or in the case of myself also going to the doctors getting prescribed hormones and living the lifestyle of a woman...8 months after I started transitioning then there should be no reason why I can't use the women's bathroom, anywhere or anytime... No one ever gives me a 2nd look or dirty look thinking that I'm a guy anymore...why because I believe in myself and after all the hard work of adjusting and transitioning...I simply look I the most beautiful woman in the world? No..but I know I'm not the ugliest either...and even though I have millions of miles to go, I have come a long way already... It should not matter the genitalia of that individual as long as they have gone through some sort of doesn't matter if the child is 7 or 77..either way... it would look kinda silly for me to all of a sudden enter the men's bathroom at my point of transition now...I personally rather use the restroom at home but if I go in public, I go into the women's because I don't need to get any stares from people wondering why I'm going into the wrong one...think about your research and understand what Transgendered people go through before you start throwing stones... this applies to the students who want to be treated equally!!! Some students or adults cannot afford to get surgery or choose not to.... the world isn't necessarily black and white when it comes to decisions and how we interact with one another!!!


Ender's Game Controversy 

I have no issue with someone having an opinion on being gay or gay marriage but the minute they do something to keep gay people from getting married then all bets are off... David Mustaine of Megadeth is against gay marriage and I'm not sure about his stance on gay people in general but overall as a musician he's one of the most talented songwriters and guitar players in metal..I adore him for that..what he does on stage vs. off stage is quite different..I support him and his band musically but when he mouths off about gay this and gay that then as a person, I just ignore him... To me whatever this guy wants to do as an art form, I think I can separate from what he does in his personal life... if this is a good film, why shouldn't I see it...maybe I won't see it in theater but I'll still see it.. if he goes to Congress or anywhere else to do what he can to keep gay people from getting married then that's when I will stand up and voice my opinion and tell this guy off.. To me it's no different than Tom Cruise..I would never ever ever become a member of Scientology but I wouldn't mind meeting him and say, you are a tremendous actor and love your movies, keep up the great work...we have to learn to separate professional career vs. opinions or in some cases activists..that's my take on this thing....


Gay people do nothing different than straight people

OK, let's go through the list.. straight people fall in love, so do gay people, straight people have intimacy, so do gay people... straight people have/raise children, so do gay people...ummmm how is being gay more or less perverted than being straight?! Oh wait, some of the anti gay people forget that straight people divorce over 50% also you have so many lawyers and politicians who show their private parts on social media and/or national have straight people who cheat on their spouses and even have intimacy is done no differently with straight people just like gay people... all the anti gay people talk about is how it's wrong to stick things where they don't belong yet straight people have been doing it just as much if not more! I'm trying to figure out the logic of how gay people are perverted when straight people do the same thing if not worse!!! Oh almost forgot..many straight people have children and don't take care of them properly then the politicians just ignore that problem and let those children suffer without a home or proper care.. then you wonder why so many people are angry at the politicians that so many adults get free rides through the government because the children didn't get that proper care that they could have gotten from gay couples who could have just as easily taken care of those kids as well but the government says people can't adopt children or get married!! HUH?! Makes no sense to me whatsoever!